Version 3.0 Mobile App

What can your auto repair shop do with Version 3.0?

Rapidly developing technology specificallly on smart phones is changing faster than ever - this is truly creating new, unfamiliar challenges for auto repair shops.  

The fact is, millenial consumers are demanding a smooth mobile app exerience, or at least a modern responsive website before they'll even decide to do business with you.  Shop Owners should recognize the need for next generation (CRM) tools once never thought available now easily ready in a custom mobile app.

The simple truth is, in this mobile generation we're living in, for the sake of the growth of your business we hope the idea of getting your own custom mobile app has at least captured your attention.

If so, don't worry we've got your back!

We are now launching the new & improved version 3.0 mobile apps for auto repair shops so they can implement countless new strategies to boost car count!

Strategies include:

Mobile Apps Improve Efficiency

Rapid developing technology impacting your customer's experience.

Rapidly developing technology is driving motorists to more comfort and better user experiences than ever before — and creating new, unfamiliar challenges for auto repair shops.

As consumers reap the benefits of intuitive vehicles, in-car connectivity and more, shop owners deal with the now predominant demand for responsive apps and websites, technology-driven loyalty programs and the like. Owners and managers also recognize the need for customer relationship management (CRM) tools that offer them any sort of edge in the highly competitive, always-changing auto repair industry.

In a technology-driven world, here are three ways auto shops can increase efficiency:

Moore's Auto Care Center

Modern-day consumers and businesses have grown accustomed to technology that makes their experiences easier and more enjoyable, and the auto repair industry is no exception.

Auto shops are finding innovative ways to streamline operations and better accommodate their customers — and are saving time and money in the process.

Auto repair shops are finding that while customer convenience always has been an industrywide priority, the potential to actually deliver such service has never been this high. Emerging technology such as InstantAutoSite’s custom branded consumer loyalty rewards apps — available in iTunes and Google Play — keeps customers coming back instead of constantly looking for that “next shop.”

My customers have commented how easy it was to request an appointment, or click to get directions right from the mobile app,” said Kevin Moore of Moore's Auto Care Center in Holly Springs, Ga.

In a highly competitive industry such as this one — with more than 252,000 business and $52 billion in annual revenue — the finer details are instrumental in setting one’s business apart from competitors.  Consider the finer details of launching a successful mobile app.............





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