Version 3.0 "MyInstantSite"

Who doesn't hate phone tag?  Problem Solved!

Version 3.0 MyInstantSite is RELEASED!

*********NOTE FROM FOUNDER********

We're living in a generation that expect INSTANT responses. Customers hate phone tag too, don't they?

Version 3.0 "MyInstantSite" solves this!
Let me explain.

"What used to be a hassle of playing phone tag with customers ending in an abyss of un-returned voicemails has now been replaced with a revolutionary 2-way live chatting & texting platform."

Here's how it works.
First, your staff should update to "MyInstantSite" Version 3.0 and second you should keep promoting your custom mobile app to your customers. With this simple combination of 2 apps, both your team and your customer will have a running history of their 2-way text or chat conversation about their vehicles.

Just imagine the convenience this provides for your customers. Now you've become their 24/7 resource for any questions they may have about their vehicle. All without asking them to even dial the phone or leave un-returned voicemails. Ready to try it?

Version 4.0 #CustomMobileApp

Goodbye Phone Tag!

Version 4.0 #CustomMobileApp about to release!

*********NOTE FROM FOUNDER********

Before we could release the exciting #MyInstantSite Version 3.0 our team had to get creative. Simply put, they've been working simultaneously on the "MyInstantSite" app while also improving each of our client's custom mobile apps too.

Now admittedly, we did not invent something as cool as a self-driving car in version 4.0.  

However, as far as updates go we did squash a way more bugs then normal, and made countless minor improvements.

"But, before we get into too much detail that will put you to sleep here's a couple dazzling new features your customers are sure to love."

Dazzling Feature #1:

- Your customer often have a question about their vehicle that needs answered ASAP, right?
Now on any Android or Apple device they can chat with your expert team via text message or live 2-way chat, all without even leaving your app.

Dazzling Feature #2:

- Your customers are tired of playing phone tag, or not knowing how far along progress is on their vehicle, right?
Now wherever they are; in the lobby, at home, or back at work they can get live updates from you via text message or 2-way live chat, all without even dialing the phone.

Here's the download of our demo custom mobile app.

Version 2.0 "MyInstantSite"

The most exciting update yet!

Version 2.0 MyInstantSite just released TODAY!

*********NOTE FROM FOUNDER********

I'll be honest, this is our most exciting update yet. Here's why...
Do you want your staff to send text messages and images to customers, but without them using a personal cell phone?

Are you tired of all incoming customer calls, requests, emails going into a black hole without knowing who on your team is responding or what the status is?
Problem solved!

"I'm convinced you'll love what we've spent the last few months building for you."

In fact, here's some of the highlights we packed into this version:
- Seamless 2-way texting with your customers
- Integrated phone call tracking (recording included)
- Team centered logging of texts, calls, internal team notes, emails, & more!
- Staff avatars to add a personal & creative touch
- Up to 5 users can have separate accounts for viewing as a team, working together to ensure timely responses to customers




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