#1 Why do people write on the web?

Maybe you want to be the local car care expert in your town? Or just maybe you want to post relevant industry news, car tips or other vehicle related stories frequently on your site and social networks.  Hey, some even like to distrubute what they write in emails or newsletters.

#2 Will publishing new content improve my SEO ranking?

Yes, every comprehensive SEO strategy should include timely and frequent publication of relevant and fresh content.  We even go as far as recommending that every article be written based on the key words assigned by your SEO consultant or if you do it in-house by your own ranking analysis.

#3 How often should I publish new content?

We recommend at least 2 times per month.

Here is an example of the publication schedule we use for our auto repair shop clients:

  • 1 tip per month on your blog published on the 5th of each month
  • 1 press release published on the 20th of each month

#4  What should I write about for my auto shop?

Try writing a Press Release, a promotional article about your shop (such as a new hire, new accreditation, award, or other exciting business related news).  Or maybe even try writing to your blog, an informational article (versus promotional) that is general advice for customers about vehicle care or tips that they may be looking for help on,

Don't have time to be the car care expert or to consistently publish SEO optimized content to improve your rankings?  Our writers work hand in hand with our SEO team analyzing the keyword rankings and will handcraft original content and post fresh content to your site based on the findings.  Read more here about the steps we take in our fresh content publication process.