Mobile Apps Improve Efficiency

Rapid developing technology impacting your customer's experience.

Rapidly developing technology is driving motorists to more comfort and better user experiences than ever before — and creating new, unfamiliar challenges for auto repair shops.

As consumers reap the benefits of intuitive vehicles, in-car connectivity and more, shop owners deal with the now predominant demand for responsive apps and websites, technology-driven loyalty programs and the like. Owners and managers also recognize the need for customer relationship management (CRM) tools that offer them any sort of edge in the highly competitive, always-changing auto repair industry.

In a technology-driven world, here are three ways auto shops can increase efficiency:


Integrate Tools Whenever Possible

Information about variables such as vehicle usage and driver behavior is on the rise in unison with the increasing prevalence of sensors and telematics systems.
In response, a variety of shop management software are now available to help shop staff turn customer data into results. However, if those programs don’t work well with a shop’s other tools and its system as a whole, efficiencies will lag. It’s a waste of data — data that otherwise has huge potential to help businesses thrive.

InstantAutoSite’s custom branded consumer apps seamlessly integrate with leading shop management software such as Mitchell1, ALLDATA, R.O.Writer and others. Customers receive a significantly more robust, complete vehicle ownership experience, while shop managers maximize the benefits of customer data.

Improve Ease of Use

While some aspects of running an auto repair shop remain virtually unchanged from one decade to the next, many other factors have evolved a great deal — especially regarding the amount of time necessary to manage modern-day necessities such as a customer-friendly, highly responsive app and/or website.

“I like that we have control and input on material but do not have to manage it on a regular basis,” said Troy Minske of Rum River Auto in Princeton, Minn. “InstantAutosite's support team makes sure our site is always doing what it is designed to do: produce results, every day.”

Implement New Strategies

When managing a shop’s online presence is made easier, more time and energy can be spent implementing new strategies. Repair shops have been utilizing a variety of app features to better serve customers with InstantAutoSite’s help, including:
  • Automating rewards programs and referral programs
  • Providing live one-to-one chat support
  • Real-time recall of manufacturing service intervals, service history, and personal vehicle reminders and alerts
  • Integrating the mobile app into the vehicle check-in process
  • Specifically engineering the app to use next-generation CRM features 

“I have used several different SEO and CRM companies over the years, and InstantAutoSite is by far the most complete, effective and robust service I have seen,” said Dan Winter of Dependable Car Care in Ventura, Calif.

To learn how auto repair shops are easily increasing efficiency with InstantAutoSite, visit our website.




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