It is almost a no-brainer that Local Search Maps Optimization needs to be included in an auto repair shop's website design. After all, maps show roads, and what do cars in need of repair drive on? Roads. In the auto repair business, people will have to be able to find your shop before they can become your customer. Having a map on your website is good, but map optimization is even better.

How Search Maps Optimization works


Maps optimization is more than just including a map of how to find your business after your customers already know about you. Local search maps optimization uses a local map to help the searchers who don't even know that your auto repair shop exists find it anyhow. This works because these maps are not on your shop's website. These maps show up on the listing of results from a search engine.

Google, the search engine that most people use, is a leader in using maps for local searches. When someone is searching for a business by city or zip code, the Google search will display a map with the ten most relevant matches pinpointed. The pinpoints match a prominent listing of those top ten company businesses and their phone numbers.

InstantAutosite.com experts will help you make sure your auto repair shop's website is listed in Google Maps, Yahoo Local, MSN Local, and Local.com. Once you have a business listing, they will look at the search data and find trends related to auto repair services. By checking and monitoring this information, the content of your listing can be revised to make sure that it stays relevant and up to date for local and mobile searchers.

Your contact information can be extended to citations on other local sites and directories. This can raise your rank in local search maps results even higher. Like a snowball effect, the higher the ranking, the more potential customers will find your business.

Why Use Local Search Maps

Local maps listings generally get a larger portion of clicks than text listings alone, especially if searchers haven't heard of your business. Search maps are especially effective for business where the customer comes to your location—as they do for vehicle repairs.

You want customers to drive straight to your shop....Let InstantAutoSite.com help you use local search maps to show them the way to your business.




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