Version 4.0 "MyInstantSite"

Building Loyalty Doesn't Have To Be So Hard!

Version 4.0 MyInstantSite is RELEASED!

*********NOTE FROM FOUNDER********

Simply put, Version 4.0 literally eclipses every previous version.
Some have even called this new version, "The Great Mobile App Eclipse!"
In fact, what we did in version 4.0 is sure to help your shop reach astronomical new heights.

"Here at InstantAutSite, we think you shouldn't expect to have to work so hard to get customers to come back again and again."

The truth is along with some major performance improvements and minor bug fixes, this version is packed with a celestial wonder of customer retention tools!

Here's just a few of the highlights we packed into version 4.0 that you won't want to miss:

Q: Want to know which customers are more likely to come back?
Check out our innovative loyalty score card that grades each customer in detail based on their loyalty actions to your shop.

Q: Want to never forget to call or email a customer back?
Now you can set a custom and personal reminder that will alert you or a fellow staff member to followup with a customer on topic and on time.

Q: Want to know what vehicle needs to be serviced next without running mundane reports?
Without running even one report, this version we'll help you set up automatic followup tasks that will tell you and your staff exactly which vehicle may be due for service based on recent service history.

Q: Want to know when a customer hasn't returned so you can reach out before potentially losing their business for good?
No reports need here too! We've made this easier than ever with pre-built scripts and automatic followup tasks generated to prompt your staff on a daily basis.

If you're into building customer loyalty and generating frequent repeat visits this update is for YOU!!!
Ready to try it?

Access from PC:


(click "LOGIN MYINSTANTSITE" *this will open a separate pop-up window)

Download on Android/Google Device:

Download on iPhone/iPad:

As always please keep the great feedback coming so we can engineer your ideas into future versions.

To your shop's mobile app success!
Jeremy Glassco




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